Pacific Rim Sunset

Pacific Rim Sunset

Canon 30d, 17-40 f/4L

ISO: 100, aperture: f/22, shutter: 3.2 seconds, tripod: yes, filter: 2 stop soft edge graduated ND

I thought I’d write a little about post processing images.  A friend of mine shoots only in jpg because he doesn’t want to spend his time at the computer doing a bunch of processing… he just wants to shoot.  I guess I understand that.  Spending hours at the computer post processing images isn’t appealing to me either.  However, today’s software is very easy to use and can dramatically transform a photograph in just a few minutes.  Learning basic image processing skills is a must for any photographer these days.

The first image included in this post took about 5 minutes to process in Lightroom 4 beta.  Most of the work was done in the basic panel.  The highlights and whites were increased, blacks decreased and clarity and vibrance increased.  All done by moving the sliders one way or the other.  To finish the photo, I enhanced the highlight colors in the split tone panel, sharpened the image and applied a post-crop vignette.

The second photograph is the RAW capture right out of the camera, saved as a jpg for the post.  I do like the subtle and muted colors of the second image.  However, what I saw with my eyes, at the time of the capture, more closely resembles the first photo.  Getting an image to look like what I visualized is worth spending a little time at the computer.  Don’t forget to click on the images for a larger view.  Thanks for visiting the blog today.

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