Lower South Falls

Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Canon 30D, 17-40 f/4L, ISO: 100, aperture: f/8, shutter: 1/2 second

This is a follow-up to the September 8th post where I mentioned selecting the ‘right’ shutter speed in relation to moving water.  The above photo was taken with a slightly slower shutter speed 1/2 second compared to 1/15 second from last time.  A fraction of a second can make a difference.  You will note the water takes on a different look and feel than the photo in the earlier post.  The slower shutter speed seems to work better with the rocky lower section of this waterfall.  Lesson: try a variety of shutter speeds with waterfall or other moving water shots.  A neutral density (ND) filter will give you more options for using an even slower shutter speed.  More on ND filters in a later post.

Of the ten waterfalls in the park there are trails behind four of them.  The view from behind the falls, looking out, is unique.

ISO: 100, aperture: f/5.6, shutter: 1/5 second

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