Surfer, Central Oregon Coast

Canon 30D, 70-200 f/4L, ISO: 200, aperture: f/9, shutter: 1/1600 second, tripod: no, B&W conversion: Lightroom

As a young person I was an avid surfer.  I made trips to Baja and Hawaii in search of the ‘endless summer’ and good waves.  In contrast, the northwest is not well know for consistent, high quality waves, but that doesn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of local surfers.  In this part of the Pacific, the water temperature rarely gets above the mid 50’s.  A good temperature for salmon, but requires 5 mm neoprene for most people venturing into the water.  Wetsuit clad surfers give new meaning to ‘men in black’.  On the positive side, the local conditions keep the crowds at bay.  This surfer had the waves to himself.

The photo was converted to B&W in Lightroom.  Contrast was adjusted with the tone curve in the develop module.  I used the targeted adjustment tool (TAT) to fine tune the photo.  The TAT is a very slick tool that makes local adjustments easy.

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