Layers in the Landscape, Pacific Rim National Park

Comber’s Beach, Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia

Canon 30D, 17-40 f/4L, ISO: 250, aperture: f/11, shutter: 1/100, tripod: yes, filter: circular polarizer

There are several things about this scene that compelled me to take this photo.  With every photo I take I try to ask myself a series of questions… What is appealing about this scene?  Why am I looking here and not somewhere else?  What drew me to this particular spot?  I try to include the answers to those questions in my work.  Here are a few things that drew me to this particular spot on Comber’s Beach:

1. Warm, soft, low angle light
2. The cloud reflection in the foreground water
3. The texture in the foreground sand
4. The multi layers of sand, water, sky and clouds

In the end, I suppose it boils down to lighting and composition are really the key components to a compelling image.

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